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Our Story

The journey to Barrier+ by Licensed Esthetician, Razia Mirza

Razia's Story

More Than Skincare

From a personal battle to a professional quest, my journey with skincare began at 15, when acne first marked my skin—and my self-esteem. It was more than a blemish; it was a shadow over my confidence, nudging me away from the world. But this struggle laid the foundation for a deeper understanding of skin, not just as an aesthetician, but as someone who truly knew the silent conversations between one's skin and soul.

Licensed Esthetician Razia Mirza

Empathy in Action

Years of working hands-on as an acne specialist brought me face to face with stories much like my own—stories of searching, of longing for clear skin, and the profound ways our exterior can echo within us, affecting our mental health and confidence. I learned that behind every troubled skin was a common thread: the elusive right product and the challenge of a consistent routine.

A Spark of Innovation

The pivotal moment came with a heartfelt conversation with a client—her wedding on the horizon, her budget tight, her skin sensitive, and time running short. She dreamt of a single product that could be the silver bullet for her acne and hyperpigmentation. “It can be irritating if you add them all at once,” I cautioned, but she ignited a question that changed everything: What if there was a way to harmonize these potent ingredients without compromising the skin's integrity?

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Our Core, Your Shield

This is Barrier+. Where your skin's story is heard, where its needs are met with science and heart, and where your journey towards confident, radiant skin begins.

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