Bottle of Barrier Plus Skincare Serum in two hands stacked on top of each other
Meet Pigment Potion

Your Skin's Ally Against Time and Elements

Science meets Mother Nature. We've packed our potion with ingredients that are all about giving your skin the nourishment it needs. Our Pigment Potion is a one-of-a-kind elixir made with a new generation of pH balanced Vitamin C and brightening ingredients, suitable for all skin types.

Dark spots, uneven texture, redness—they don't stand a chance. And your skin barrier? We're all about keeping that strong and healthy. With us It’s not just skincare; it's a declaration of love for your skin.

Barrier Plus Skincare Serum on woman's face

Large Pores?

We’re making them look more shy.
Woman applying Barrier Plus Pigment Potion on face

Angry spots?

We're turning them calm and zen.
Woman with short brown hair applying Barrier Plus Pigment Potion

Uneven tone?

We're brightening up your complexion.
Woman with glasses applying Barrier Plus Pigment Potion on cheek

Rough texture?

We're helping you smoothing things over.
Woman holding bottle of green Barrier Plus Pigment Potion
Green bottle with black cap of Barrier Plus Pigment Potion

Innovative, Transparent, Purposeful

At Barrier+, innovation isn't just a buzzword; it's our north star. We boldly step away from the conventional, delivering the simple, purposeful results you deserve in our products. Every ingredient is meticulously chosen. Every formula, a promise of transparency.

Developed by a Licensed Esthetician with 13 years' experience treating and clearing hundreds of faces, we’re giving you products that actually do what they say.

Barrier Plus packaging on mirror

Before & Afters

Transforming skin with the power of nature and science.
Before and after side by side view of woman's face after using Barrier Plus Pigment Potion
Side by side view of Barrier Plus Pigment Potion results
Side by side before and after of Barrier Plus Pigment Potion results

What They're Saying

Our formulas protect the skin barrier, while effectively targeting complex skin issues.

See the love for Pigment Potion, our flagship product.

Oh my goodness, it worked. I see my dark spots from the side of my face is fading away. I see less redness and the best part is that it doesn’t make your skin sensitive like other products.

Harman Sidhu

It really helps with moisturizing my skin and making it physically feel softer and look glowy! Aside from the corrective work it’s done for me, I really like it for every day where as well. I NEED IT!

Della Rae

I found the product easy to work with my routine and saw real difference with its ability to keep my acne at bay. I felt it layered nicely with other products, and I like the water best feeling of the formula.

Annika Charis

About the barrier plus, I think it helps with dark circles too not just acne and hyperpigmentation. My under eyes look more brightened, it’s only my second day of using it.

Manpreet Uppal

I could see visible difference in my hyperpigmentation within only two weeks of applying, especially around my mouth area. It’s lightweight and absorbs quickly into my skin without any sticky or oily residue.

Maleeha J
before and after of Barrier Plus Pigment Potion Serum
Barrier Plus Pigment Potion packaging on mossy green surface

Our Promise: Backed by Science, Inspired by Nature

Why settle for less when you can have the best of both worlds? Pigment Potion is a testament to our philosophy.

It’s where scientific rigor meets nature’s tranquility. Proven ingredients from labs and the gentle touch of nature work in synergy to give you skin that doesn’t just look healthier but feels fortified.


More than skincare

It’s skin transformation.

Designed for every skin type, every tone, every story—Pigment Potion is your partner in the relentless fight against the signs of aging, sun damage, and life's little imperfections.